Energy Stored in an Inductor

 , where:

E = Energy (J)

L = Inductance (H)

I = Current Through Inductor (A)

Flux Density

 , where:

Bf = Flux Density (Wb/A2)

 = Electric Flux (Wb)

A = Area (m2)

Free Electrons in Volume

 , where:

n = Number of Free Electrons in Volume (#/m3)

 = Density of Material (kg/m3)

W = Atomic Weight of Material (kg/mol)

An = Avogadro Constant (atoms/mol)

N = Number of Free Electron per Atom (electrons/atom) (Material Property)

Gauss's Law


, where:

 = Electric Flux Through Surface S (V*m)

E = Electric Field (N/C)

Q = Total Charge within Surface S (C)


 , where:

V = Voltage (V)

L = Inductance (H)

I = Current (A)

t = Time (s)