Fluid Mechanics


Incompressible Flow

 , where:

D = Material Derivative

 = Density (kg/m3)

t = Time (s)

Keulegan-Carpenter Number (Period Number)

The Keulegan-Carpenter Number (also known as the Period numer) compares the amount of drag coefficient to inertial forces, where a large result indicates a large drag coefficient.

It is written as Kc.  

 , where:

KC = Keulegan-Carpenter number, writeen as Kc.

V = Max. Velocity (m/s)

T = Period (s)

L = Characteristic Length (m)

Kinematic Viscosity

 , where:

 = Kinematic Viscosity (m^2/s)

 = Dynamic Viscosity (Pa*s)

Mach Number

 , where:

M = Mach Number

V = Velocity (m/s)

a = Velocity of Sound (m/s)

Mass Continuity Equation

 , where:

 = Density (kg/m^3)

t = Time (s)

 = Del Operator

v = Velocity (m/s)