Fluid Mechanics


Stream Function

 , where:

u = Velocty in x-direction (m/s)

v = Velocity in y-direction (m/s)

 = Stream Function


 , where:

xs , ys , zs are the components of the streamline in each direction

u, v, and w are the components of the velocity in each direction.

Stress Tensor

 , where:

 = Stress Tensor (Pa)

p = Pressure (Pa)

 = 3x3 Identity Matrix

Terminal Velocity

 , where:

vt = Terminal Velocity of Faliing Object (m/s)

m = Mass of object (kg)

g = Gravity (m/s^2)

 = Density of Fuid (kg/m^3)

A = Cross-Sectional area of Falling Object (m^2)

Cd = Drag Coefficient

Volumetric Flow Rate

, where:

Q = Volumetric Flow Rate (m3/s)

V = Velocity (m/s)

A = Cross-Sectional Area (m2)