Magnetic Permeability

 , where:

 = Magnetic Permeability (H/m)

B = Magnetic B-Field (T)

H = Magnetic H-Field (A/m)

Magnetic Pole Strength

The magnetic pole strength (units of Webers) of a permanent/bar magnet is calculated by moving the bar magnet past an "infinite" wire and measuring the current it creates.  The formula is:

 , where:

p = Magnetic Pole Strength (Wb) (p>0 for North)

W = Work done moving pole around infinite wire (J)

I = Current in infinite wire (A)


 , where:

M = Magnetization (A/m)

N = Number of Magnetic Moments in V

V = Volume (m3)

m = Magnetic Moment (A*m2)

Magnetization Current Density

 , where:

JM = Magnetization Current Density (A/m2)

 = Curl Operator

M = Magnetization (A/m)

Magnetomotive Force in an Inductor

 , where:

 = Magnetomotive Force (A)

N = Number of Turns

I = Current (A)