, where:

P = Pressure (Pa)

F = Force (N)

A = Area (m^2)

Product Moment of Area

 , where:

Ixy = Product Moment of Area (m^4)

x = Distance from y axis (m)

y = Distance from x axis (m)

A = Elemental Area (m^2)

Rotated Area Moment of Inertia

 , where:

Ix, I= Area Moment of Inertia (m^4)

Ixy = Product Moment of Area (m^4)

 = Angle of Rotation


Rotational Stiffness

 , where:

k = Stiffness (N*m/rad)

M = Moment Applied (N*m)

 = Rotational Displacement (rad)

Shear Force on a Beam

 , where:

M = Bending Moment (N*m)

Q = Shear Force (N)

E = Young's Modulus (Pa)

I = Area Moment of Inertia (m^4)

w = Deflection (m)

x = Length (m)