Coefficient of Performance of a Heat Pump

 , where:

COP = Coefficient of Performace (%)

Q= Heat energy supplied (J)

W = Work performed by heat pump (J)

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

 , where:

 = Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (1/K)

L = Initial Length (m)

 = Change in Length (m)
T = Change in temperature (K)


 , where:

 = Compressibility (m2/N)

V = Volume (m3)

p = Pressure (Pa)

Efficiency of a Brayton Cycle

 , where:

 = Efficiency (%)

T1 = Temperature at compressor inlet (K)

T2 = Temperature at compressor outlet (K)

Efficiency of a Rankine Cycle

 , where:

 = Thermal efficiency of cycle (%)

W = Power consumed by turbine or provided by pump (W)

Q = Heat flow into system (W)